OakSmoke offers wholesale services for Dublin based deli shops and restaurants, delivering fresh baked products daily, from Monday to Saturday.

We are specialised in producing artisan bread and pastry using only fresh natural ingredients, without additives and improvers

OakSmoke is flexible to create custom orders to fit your exact needs, and we are looking forward to meeting your business requirements.




Loafs - 0.55kg / 1kg

Baguette - 0.3kg

Traditional French

Baguettes - 0.4kg

Demi baguettes - 0.14kg

Rustic Poppyseed - 0.5kg

Rustic Semolina - 0.5kg

Ficelle - 0.14kg

Brown Baguette - 0.14kg

Traditional Italian

Ciabatta - 0.14kg / 0.4kg

Focaccia - 2kg / 3kg

Grissini - 1kg

Buns and Rolls

Brioche Bun - 0.1kg

Brioche Dog - 0.1kg

Burger Bun - 0.085kg

Deli Roll - 0.14kg

Carrot Slice (95g)

Lemon Drizzle Poppyseed Slice (95g)

Red Velvet Slice (95g)

Chocolate Slice (95g)

Snow White (95g)

Figaro (95g)

Financier (40g)

Brownie (95g)

Scones (105g)

Fruit Scones (105g)

Coffee, Chocolate and Vanilla Eclairs (105g)

Baci di dama (200g per bag)

Amaretti di Saronno (200g per bag)